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Riviera Chair


Love the chic look of vintage material, but want more modern durability? Our Riviera Chair incorporates beautiful rattan weaving in both the seat back and seat itself, offering a compelling natural touch to this furniture piece. Exaggerated angled plank legs rise above the seat to meet beneath each armrest, giving this rattan accent chair a bold side profile to admire. Ideal as accent seating or as a stylish touch around your favorite dining table, this inspired natural rattan and mahogany wood chair design is cool, comfortable, and anything but expected.

Important note: Each of our Riviera Rattan Accent Chairs are handmade from natural materials, and will take approximately 6-8 weeks to arrive.

  • A seat back and seat panel made from neutral-toned natural rattan fibers matches both the dark wood and black-finished mahogany wood frame options.
  • This vintage accent chair measures approximately 24 inches long (front-to-back), 22 inches wide (left-to-right), and 29 inches tall (floor-to-ceiling).
  • Fresh and unexpected, the vintage-inspired design adds both gravitas and a cool, casual feel to your favorite spaces.

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