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Balinese Relaxer


Why settle for furniture that’s merely comfortable and functional when it can also be a delightful piece of artistry? Our Balinese Relaxer invites you or a guest to settle into beautifully-strung cotton-cord open weaving for ample support while adding a rustic, exotic element to your decor. With an appearance that mimics a loom or a traditional musical instrument, this low-slung chair is built on a mahogany wood frame for durability. Ideal for use as an occasional chair in a den or living room when company stops by, you’ll love how sophisticated and global your favorite spaces will look once it’s in place.

Important note: Each of our Balinese Relaxer Accent Chairs are handmade from natural materials, and will take approximately 6-8 weeks to arrive.

  • Made from thick, strong natural cotton cord and a solid mahogany wood frame with a dark finish.
  • This noteworthy exotic accent chair measures approximately 39 inches long (left-to-right), 28 inches deep (front-to-back), and 28 inches tall (floor-to-ceiling).
  • Open-air cord details allow light to pass through, giving the piece a compelling rustic air.


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