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Bohemian Scent


More than function, our Bohemian Scent woven rope chair is a bold mix of inviting natural textures and an eye-catching mahogany wood frame. Curves and angles mingle in a compelling work of art, with a plush concave seat cushion and soft head pillow mounted to the frame itself, offset by a backdrop of diamond-woven rope netting for a laid-back finishing touch. This clever and unexpected seat is also easy to re-arrange, should you ever wish to change the flow of your favorite interior space: two caster wheels are affixed to the back legs, allowing the chair to simply be tilted back and wheeled to its new destination.

Important note: Each of our Bohemian Scent woven rope chairs are handmade from natural materials, and will take approximately 6-8 weeks to arrive.

  • Crafted with a sturdy mahogany wood frame in your choice of a black or dark finish, natural cotton rope, and durable caster wheels.
  • This chair measures approximately 45 inches long (front-to-back), 37 inches wide (left-to-right), and 38 inches tall (floor-to-ceiling).
  • A warm, organic design addition to a den, sitting room, living room, or as occasional seating in a study or meditation space.


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