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Rocking Lounge


An intriguing blend of familiar shapes and unexpected methods, this modern rocking chair features a diamond-weave netted back in lieu of upholstery or slats. Netted details are threaded through bored holes at the top of the back and seat frame for a “laced” effect that distributes weight evenly and comfortably. In addition to a plush seat cushion, an oval-shaped head cushion on the back offers complete comfort as you slowly rock back and forth from the comfort of this stylish chair in your living room, den, porch, or even nursery.

Important note: Each of our Rocking Lounge Chairs are handmade from natural materials, and will take approximately 6-8 weeks to arrive.

  • The smooth-finished mahogany wood frame of this modern rocking chair is available in either a light natural brown wood or a black finish for a more dramatic look.
  • This rocking chair measures approximately 31 inches long (front-to-back), 29 inches wide (left-to-right), and 44 inches tall (floor-to-ceiling).
  • An excellent seating addition for those who love a little movement as they page through a book, cradle their baby, or simply relax after a hard day.

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