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Salty Day Chair


If you sink into the embrace of our Salty Day Chair’s plush ivory-colored cushions and close your eyes, you can almost hear the soft hush of the waves. This nautical-inspired upholstered accent chair takes bayside charm to a level beyond your average beach house fare: it has all the understated, upscale ambience of a well-maintained yacht. On the panel sides, cotton rope weaves and links the rattan-wrapped, rust-resistant iron framing before wrapping the seat bed for a cohesive look. This is a chair worth lingering in, whether it’s with a cup of coffee in the early morning, or enjoying the sunset as the day winds down.

Important note: Each of our Upholstered Salty Day Accent Chairs are handmade from natural materials, and will take approximately 6-8 weeks to arrive.

  • Rich with texture and refined details, the upholstered Salty Day Chair offers distinct beach vibes with a combination of cotton rope lacing and rattan over a sturdy iron frame.

  • This elegant upholstered accent chair measures approximately 33 inches long (left-to-right), 29 inches deep (front-to-back), and 28 inches tall (floor-to-ceiling).

  • Equally suited for placement against a wall or corner or “floating” mid-room.

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